Jean Behra - The Cars

1. Beginning with a motorcycle, rather than a car! From 1948, Jean Behra won the French National title in 500cc four times for the Moto Guzzi team. Behra is pictured with a trophy in 1950.

2. Behra in the Gordini Type 16 at the 1952 French Grand Prix & 3. The Gordini team in 1953 - Behra, Harry Schell, Maurice Trintignant and Fred Wacker. It was for Gordini that Behra took victory at the Reims Grand Prix in 1952.

4. The Maserati 250F at Rouen in 1957. Behra drove the 250F in Formula One between 1955 and 1957, in which he gained non-Championship victories at Pau, Rouen, Monza, Morocco and Rome to name but a few.

5. Behra enjoyed great success in sportcars in 1958, driving the Porsche Spyder RSK & 6. The RSK at Riverside. That season, Behra won eight consecutive European races.

7. The Ferrari Dino 246 in a test at Modena in 1959 & 8. On the way to Ferrari victory at the Aintree 200 miles in a shared drive with teammate Tony Brooks.